The Relaxing Rug is an Essential Second Life Item

O.K., I admit it–I have been sneaking into Second Life houses when no one’s home and checking out the decor. I consider this legitimate research for my desire to be a crack designer in SL, and, believe me, I have seen my share of interior decorating, both good and bad.

SL home interiors can run the gamut from tacky to surreal, sexy to subdued, but one item seems to have captured the eye of practically every would-be decorator. The so-called “Relaxing Rug” (also known as the Relax’n Rug”). This creation is a permanent fixture in so many SL homes because it satisfies so many different decorating tastes. Whether it is used as the main feature in front of the living room fire, or as substitute furniture in a casual bedroom, the Relaxing Rug has broad appeal.

First of all, it is huge. You could fit half the newbies on Help Island across its generous girth. It has lots of cushy pillows with soothing animations like “Sit Indian Style” and “Cuddle.” There’s nothing salacious about this rug. True to its name, the Relaxing Rug is designed for just that and nothing more. It’s a good-looking rug, too. The colors are black and tan, and the pattern is an intriguing ethnic mix that could be from almost anywhere. Who cares what region it’s supposed to represent? It’s beautiful, and it goes with almost any decor.

It’s also modifiable. I noticed that my Relaxing Rug was taking up a few too many prims for my meager allowance, so I shaved off a few of the pillows and plumped up the rest. Frankly, the original pillows tend to sit at odd angles, so I actually like my version better.

If you don’t already have a Relaxing Rug (who doesn’t have a Relaxing Rug?), you’re probably asking, “Where do I get this essential piece of decor, and how many lindens is it gonna cost me?” O.K., this is the best part: The Relaxing Rug is free all over Second Life! Visit pretty much anyplace that gives away free stuff and you will eventually come across it.

Well, now that you’ve heard about it, I expect to see even more of these giant gems in my travels across Lindenland, but I don’t mind. After all, I am virtually human. I have a special fondness for the Relaxing Rug, just like the rest of you.

Source by Cheeky Chaplin

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