The Significance of The Handwoven Tribal Rug – The Moroccan Berber Rug

Some lines are simple and made like zig-zags, and some are more complex with diamond shapes and squares, among other things. The black wool has been coloured with natural dyes that compliment the ivory background.

These rugs would fit into almost any kind of decor since they are in the black and white range and not very busy in line detail. The ends are fringed and go well with contemporary to rustic and many in-between design themes. In small, medium and large sizes, they can accommodate different sizes of rooms. A large rug may be 325 cm x 215 cm, or seven feet by ten and a half feet. A small rug may be about four feet by four feet and three inches, or 115 cm x 135 cm.

Hand picked for their quality, rugs are assessed individually for purchase in Morocco. The sheep of the Atlas Mountains provide the wool for these hand-crafted pieces that would look like art if hung on the wall. The Beni Ourain tribe is known for their expertise in creating these excellent floor coverings and take pride in their Berber heritage. That is why the rugs remain 100% authentic over many centuries of time. Such rug making is estimated to be from the Paleolithic Era.

Designs and weaving techniques are passed down to each new generation to maintain the high quality and unique appearance of the rugs. Hundreds of years ago, these rugs were made for sleeping pads, saddle blankets and burial shrouds. They were made with various levels of thickness to accommodate the climate. Heavy, deep piled rugs provided warmth in the mountains, and flatter, thinner rugs were made for desert areas.

Some of these Berber rugs have more of a tribal theme with several kinds of lines and shapes that cover most of the piece. They may add an exotic touch to a space that the sparer lines may not reflect to the same extent. These more elaborately fashioned hand-crafted rugs are good basics for decorating in a specific style.

A Berber rug can be cleaned fairly easily by shaking it out weekly, and if necessary, by running a hand-held vacuum from side to side across the rug. The rugs should be professionally cleaned every three years, or more often if they’re in high-traffic areas. Do not allow a cleaner to use harsh chemicals on the rug. Blot a stain with a white cotton cloth or a white paper towel so as not to bleed the colours. Do not rub a dirty spot because it will break down the rug’s fibers. Dirt particles will do the same if not shaken out.

A good Moroccan rug can last for decades with good care, and it can blend in with style changes over time. It’s easy to decorate a space with a neutral-hued Beni Ourain Berber rug. It’s also a good conversation starter with its long history and hand-woven authenticity.

Source by Lisa Fitzgerald

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