The Speech By Our Pm?

The long anticipated speech was quite revealing to my understanding,we are told that the eu is costing the british tax payers 50 million a day but Mr Cameron indicates that IF we chose to return the tories for a next parliament session we will be given a referendum to determine _IN/OUT and a date of 2017,that date alone is puzzling that assumes quite with a great deal of arrogance that the tories will be returned the cost to Britain will be astronomical the better deal should be done NOW it is obvious to many of us that we need to be inside the EU But on a fairer system than we have now why wait until 2017, 50 million aday would be better spent here than in Brussels, resolving the financial crisis which seems to have gone unnoticed by many in the government circles I listened to the emerging party leader UK IP also this morning it is also obvious that they are bringing concern to the government with their policies nothing he said could be discounted as it echoes the thoughts of the majority of citizens of this country,if their policies were wrong why then is so much time given to the leader of that party?, =they cannot be ignored anymore= a general election would in fact prove the point prior to the influx of other immigrants which are on the card= what was the number from Bulgaria/Roumania? we cannot afford to accommodate but that is just one policy that would be resolved if it is not done by this current government this country will be in much deeper financial;l

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3 Responses to “The Speech By Our Pm?”

  1. Jay Kimm says:

    I say, GIVE US THE VOTE NOW! Get Britain out of the EU and get the EU out of Britain, I go to my local supermarket and I am the only one speaking English most of the time, there seems to be more polish in UK than there are in Poland, how do they all find homes, we British seem to have a hard time finding them. I just don’t understand what the hell has happened to this country.

  2. Jack H says:

    Is there a question here somewhere, or merely your own ramblings??

  3. David. says:

    I dont think the EU is anything to do with immigration especially. We had it before we entered.
    You see to me its all a bit of a red herring as many people will vote to come out thinking they are getting away from the hated European Court of Human Rights (or criminals rights as dubbed by me)
    This is not an agency of the EU. The ECOHR is a part of the Council of Europe (Link) which we have been a member of since 1949. Mambers must not get confused as the EU does have a court,named the European Court.but its only on trade matters.

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