The Voucher Program That Ryan Proposed, How Many Votes Did This Cost The Romney Camp?

None. If you were even planning to vote for him, you were already brain-dead.

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4 Responses to “The Voucher Program That Ryan Proposed, How Many Votes Did This Cost The Romney Camp?”

  1. Apathy Kat says:

    romney lost the senior vote. he also lost most of the hispanic vote. he barely won the white vote. in a diverse country. he’s out, obama is in.

  2. j b says:

    The bullshit talking points and lies spewed by Obama and his minions
    really did have an effect. Dumb *** sheep that bought his nonsense
    voted thinking that was the issue. Where the Pubs screwed up. We
    thought or our leadership thought the brain deads Obama would go
    after would realize that the lies were just that. And would be smart
    enough to tell them apart, Boy were we ever wrong.
    You can teach stupid people something. Ignorant people nothing.
    And Obama has that ignorant thing down pat. Give me da Obama Phone.

  3. Scales of Justice 3 says:

    Not SS, Medicare.
    Usually the senior vote goes conservative, but I know a whole lot of seniors who were very upset about the vouchers and I’m sure it changed their votes. I haven’t seen an vote tallies to see the actual results.
    It was a foolish idea. No one is going to sell health insurance to a sick elderly person, even if they have tons of money. But certainly not for the 12K or so they estimated the voucher to be. Heck, I tried to get insurance back in my 40s for that amount, but couldn’t because I had had a mammogram and heart work up. Nothing was found, but they decided that must mean something.
    And since Romney and Ryan were against the new law getting rid of the pre-existing rule, no insurance company would be required to insure them.
    Scales, it’s funny that you talk about ignorance and lies and then reference on big lie that you ignorant people believe. The universal access phone service for poor people started under Reagan and expanded to cell phones under Bush in 2008. So you should call it a Bush phone. This puts the lie to all of your mindless rant.

  4. Librarya says:

    Taking money from the poor to give to the rich, that dog don’t hunt.

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