They Saying ” Good Ol Days” World Not So Exciting?

Does it seem like back in like 3 to 4 years ago everything was better and lots of people agree with me like NOW Christmas dosent feel like Christmas or hallowween dosent feel like it what’s happening is it the media world issues

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    Mostly, its the economy. People are more stressed out, retail is trying even harder to push the sales they arent getting on us. People cant afford to celebrate the holidays the way they normally would.
    Another factor could be age. In my experience, everyone goes over board trying to make christmas special because you are a kid. But then the older you get, they less pressure they feel to do that, and they stop. I remember the first time I realized that. My extended family has always showered me with gifts and events during the holiday seasons. When I finally got old enough to be able to purchase real gifts for these people, they were no longer interested in participating – I wasnt a child any more, thats the only reason they were doing it to begin with, not because they love me or I am their family or they enjoy doing things like that, but they did it because they felt obligated to, and no longer do, so finally they can spend their money on their own stuff.
    I have become more and more disheartened around the holidays because of that. Not because I am greedy and want all the presents, but I miss the family coming together and having a good time. I personally enjoy buying people gifts, because of how much I enjoyed receiving them. I was so excited the first year I could really take my own money and go buy holiday gifts. And then everyone looked at me like I was stupid and crazy for getting everyone something.

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