Thinking Moving To Dale City, Quantico, Of Dumfries Virginia Need Some Advice?

hey we thinking about moving to dale city Virginia if we like it there when we go visit in August for my daughter birthday. we will be visiting my uncle there. we are African American family of nine. we have never lived outside of Memphis tn and we think that this move may do us some good. my mom has a section 8 voucher here in Memphis and plans to take it with her up there. f or me I only have government assistance at the im a medical assistance student. im so tired of the same surrounding I been here all my life and I really gone tired of Memphis. I feel like this move will do us a change for the better. what do yal think about us leaving Memphis and moving to Virginia?????
please be honest about but don’t be rude

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2 Responses to “Thinking Moving To Dale City, Quantico, Of Dumfries Virginia Need Some Advice?”

  1. Patricia says:

    From what I’ve heard from other Memphis residents, you should move. Start over with a better chance in a better environment. Best of luck, and I hope everything works out for you.

  2. Ann says:

    Well, your mothers section 8 voucher may not transfer there.
    If you want to move, you may have to do it without government help.

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