Thinking Of Building My Own Gaming Pc, Any Advice?
is this a good setup to have for a gaming pc?
to play the latest games on atleast medium settings
or should i just buy this

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2 Responses to “Thinking Of Building My Own Gaming Pc, Any Advice?”

  1. Ofa says:

    always leave a easter egg and don’t leave doors you can’t open unless if they are part of the easter egg if there are guns make sure if you add a upgrade make sure it gives more ammo and shoots very powerful and you can trade guns and make ladders

  2. Lib Nemesis says:

    The first would serve you far better than the 2nd. The 7770 Radeon is much better than a 6670 (there are better cards though, a 6850 Radeon in the same price range would be a better choice), and the Core i5 3570K processor blows away the Bulldozer one

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