This Guy At Work: Mysterious, Is He Shy, Stuck Up, Or What!!? Hes So Cute?

Hes cute. Not overly-goodlooking. He’s so mysterious. He does not hold conversations. When he needs to use the page over the loud speaker to call a manager to register, he is so quiet that no one can hear him. I actually paged for him b4 because after he paged, I said, “i don’t think they heard you, your so soft-spoken” and he just smiled. One girl at work also was like “he doesn’t talk to anyone, he seems like he just wants to stick to business.” He never makes conversation. I’ve tried to test him out using my own teqniques so see if he’s stuck up, shy and appears stuck up but isn’t, or what but hes too hard to figure out. When no one is around the register, I have asked him to staple sales flyers for me, and he does it. Asked him to clean up around the registers, and he does it. I asked him once if he wants a glass of water because i was going to get one for myself. and he just shook his head no and smiled. Also, he had to load a large scaffold into someones car the other day, and he looked confused, im like, its soooo tall, you think I should call another guy because it might need to guys to load it? He was really quiet and said maybe yeah. I paged darryl. Darrly came up and hes all like uuughhhh do i have to help. ANd im like YEAH YA DO STOP BITCHIN N GET TO IT. lol N after that was done, I said to ghazzi, ima beat his *** for you, for being a whiny lil brat about it. He just laughed. N later I was like, I beat darryls *** I pushed him into the office nd he went flyng. He just smiled and laughed. I DONT GET IT BUT I WANNA KNOW, HES SO MYSTERIOUS. (AND CUTE)

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One Response to “This Guy At Work: Mysterious, Is He Shy, Stuck Up, Or What!!? Hes So Cute?”

  1. annoying says:

    if he was stuck up he wouldn’t help you. like when he stapled the sale flyers or when you asked him to clean up the registers. seems to me that he’s just shy or has a lack of social skills. i suffer from social phobia and i avoid people at all costs, but that usually gives people the impression that i’m stuck up, which i’m not. maybe he’s just shy, and people are making the wrong judgement of him. i mean he smiles at you right? just keep trying

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