Three Envolopes… Which One Do You Hide The Cash In?

I have won this great vip party night, with a private room and stripper. They are going to Give me three envelopes to choose. One will have drinks vouchers, one will have cash, and one will have free club entry vouchers.
If you were the one holding the envelope, where would you put the cash?

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4 Responses to “Three Envolopes… Which One Do You Hide The Cash In?”

  1. jms043 says:

    What doea it matter where I would put it? You still wouldn`t know where it was.

  2. waffle says:

    The first one.

  3. Hey, Lyla! says:

    It depends how they give the envelopes to you. Will they be unmarked or will they be numbered 1, 2 and 3? Will they be given to you randomized or in order?
    I mean seriously, how could you tell which is the first envelope and which is the third and second?
    If you had a way of knowing which envelope was first, second and third, I would put it in the first.

  4. Brendan's The ENIGMA 1 says:

    That One 🙂

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