tips for selling at carboot sale?

we are having a car-boot sale to try and raise money for our son and also for our fertility treatment, we want to give our son a treat for his birthday this year, but we also need to save money for future fertility treatment so want to make as much money as we possibly can…

does anyone have any tips for selling at car-boot sale or advice that might help? been selling on ebay but bearly making anything on even brandnew items 🙁

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  1. Enigmagic says:

    1) Have a price in mind for every item that you absolutely will not go lower than, and make sure everyone helping you knows what that is.

    2) Price things up beforehand with labels if possible, but don’t put your lowest price on anything. People will always try to beat you down, and they like to think they’ve got a bargain.

    3) Put stuff out on tables so its easy and comfortable for people to see and reach it without bending or lifting.

    4) If you have some stuff that you just want rid of no matter what it goes for then consider having a "bargain box" where people can rummage through, and put something like 50p per item or any 3 items for £1.

    5) Books and vinyl records are often surprisingly good sellers at car boot sales, so consider having some at super reasonable prices even if only just to attract people over to look at your other stuff. At our last car boot we had all paperbacks at 20p each and all hardbacks at 50p each and we sold literally hundreds (although I did have a lot of books) and other stalls around us were asking £1 or £2 each and sold nothing.

    6) If you’re selling clothes, have them hanging up and well spaced so people can see them, don’t just go for a rummage sale style big pile on a table top.

    Good luck. x

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