Tips For Selling Lotions At A Tanning Salon, I Really Need Help :(?

I just started working at sun tan city. I’ve been there 2-3 months and I feel like I’m learning more and more everyday, but my sales are not very good. My manager basically says, if you want keys to the store, hours, or to be promoted…you have to have really good numbers. Problem is, we’re so slow on nights and weekends (and that’s all I work) that maybe one person will come in an hour some nights. And, our goal is like $100 of sales a day. I can’t sell anything. It’s almost Christmas.
My manager gives her employee discount to people (which is against the rules) so nobody wants to buy anything from anyone but her. Plus she’s VERY agressive. I’m not going to be like that. She said to hold peoples scan card hostage until you’re doing talking about sales and I’m like ummm no.
I need help in selling tips.
Normally, I’ll be like, Hi! How are you?
Then, I’ll say, do you have your eyewear?
Then, have you heard about our specials? With a big smile on my face.
99% of the time, people say yes.
If I just start talking about them, people tell me off, say I’VE HEARD IT, roll there eyes or just walk away. They get tired of hearing it. They even tell my manager they get tired of hearing the same thing everyday they come in to tan.
I don’t know how to approach people to sell lotions.
PLEASE HELP! 🙁 I need a new approach, or a new way to get sales. I’m really friendly but I don’t know why I’m not selling anything.

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One Response to “Tips For Selling Lotions At A Tanning Salon, I Really Need Help :(?”

  1. istherea says:

    Well the first part of sellin anything is making people believe they need it even though they don’t, you work at a tannin salon so use that to your advantage these people want a tan show them you third most expensive bottle and tell them that with a little each tan it makes your skin glow while keeping in mosturized and free of sunburn. It’s also the holiday use that as well tell them the same thing but add, it also makes the most amazing gift for that person you know with skin that could use a little work ( smile sort of coyly when saying this because EVERYONE knows someone like that) I hope this helps you. I was in sales and it can be a *****. Good Luck and remember stand your ground if they say no keep trying. It’s not lying its just B-sing the **** out of it. But don’t get desperate or annoying about it, it’s a turnoff to customers. Good Luck

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