Tips For Working At An Electronic Store?

I just got hired at RadioShack. Yesterday was my first day, and I spent 8.5 hours going through online training, which was only phase 1. I still have two more phases to go. It seems like a LOT to know, and it seems a bit overwhelming. Can anyone give me a few tips for working at an electronic store like RadioShack for the first time? I’d also like to mention that this is my first retail job. Thanks!

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One Response to “Tips For Working At An Electronic Store?”

  1. Sammy B says:

    If you really have no desire or passion for electronics, quit! I feel bad saying this, but its better for you to enter a job that may benefit you or at least that you are more interested in. I worked at a clothing store that I liked. I automatically enjoyed the discounts on clothes I already wore, and knew a bit about the place and clothes.
    Radio Shack (in the eyes of a techy person) doesn’t hire people who really know what they’re talking about (I think you understand this already). As a customer, no more than a week ago, I became VERY frustrated with the manager because he knew SO little about electronics that he couldnt even comprehend what I was referring to. Another young guy flat out said an HTC brand battery replacement for my phone DIDNT exist. I told him it did and that his location had one. After finding it myself his reply was, “Oh!”.
    Keep the job for now, but constantly apply to those great companies whose products you enjoy or are very interested in. You’ll have a much better time working for them!

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