Title Transfer Or Force To Sell?

I own a property with an ex partner I stopped paying the Mortgage in 2010 I have a written agreement with him regarding this and that he would take over the house and mortgage. I have been asking him to do a title of transfer for the past two year which he keeps fobbing me off with silly excuses. Is there anyway I can make him either do a transfer of titles or force a sale, without it costing the earth? I paid £3000 for a deposit the house is worth £120,000 and the mortgage is at about £113,000. I am aware it is best to seek advice from a solicitor but they cost so much!

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2 Responses to “Title Transfer Or Force To Sell?”

  1. falsi fiable says:

    A sticky situation. You can try filing a quit claim deed, but the lender won’t accept it because you still owe for the mortgage. The ONLY ways to make this happen is either through sale of the property or by your ex-partner refinancing the property. This assumes your ex-partner has sufficient credit and income to qualify for a mortgage on his own. Good luck!

  2. SGElite says:

    Its been 2 years and he has yet to ‘agree’ to the title transfer. I recommend that you sell the property and take back what’s yours and split the ‘profit’ if any equally among your both.

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