Top Ten Tactics for Team Building Success

To make a start in developing those around you to become a great team, it’s vital to ensure that you recognize that the power of your business will depend on others doing great work.

You and your business will succeed faster and more effectively, as you do less and less of the ‘stuff’ in the business and focus on making the most of the people you have working with you.

Here are ten top team building tactics for you to develop, in your own management style, in your own business, to make the most of your people – every one of them.

Be Clear

Express a very clear vision for the business and share with all your people. Better, get them involved in looking to the future and where you can take the business.

Show Complete Fairness and Consistency

Make sure that you have one set of rules by which everyone works and one set only – for everyone including yourself. Making sure that everyone knows the acceptable behaviour and standards in the business between each other and business colleagues, in and out of the workplace.

Delegate Effectively

Excellent team building comes through sharing key workload, enabling team members to succeed, develop and deliver the result. For small business owners this can be one of the most challenging things to do. Letting go of key tasks which they may believe can only be done well by themselves.

Leave Well Alone

If you are a good leader, you will be very clear on what you want your people to do and then let go. You make clear the ‘what’ and let them get on with the ‘how’! Whilst this may initially seem to be a risk, if you are authentic and trusting, you will come to recognize that the best results come from collaboration and the ideas of many, rather than having all the best answers yourself.

Provide Resources

If you want to get the best from your people, it’s vital that you give them what they need to perform well. If you can enhance the relationship with your team by ensuring that they have all they need to get the job done, whilst subtly alerting them to potential difficulties, you will get the best from them.

Give and Take Feedback

In open and honest relationships when you are team building, you will encourage a shared responsibility for business activities. This will also mean that all of your people as well as you, yourself, have to accept positive as well as constructive and challenging feedback.

Blame No-one

And then when things go wrong, you need to be able to let your people know that you appreciate their risk taking as a way to evolve the business. A safe place to play is vital in energetic organizations, whatever their size.

Develop the Team

Sometimes it’s important to recognize the combined value of the team as a whole. The sum of the parts is greater than the simple addition. Then experiences are shared, synergies are exploited, and above all, team members are challenged and stretched to maximise their individual and the team’s achievements.

Appreciate Individuals

There are great individuals in great teams and the leaders job is to appreciate that they all bring something unique and valuable to the party. Every one needs to know that they are important and contribute great personal value as a part of the overall output.

Celebrate Together

And mentioning ‘party’, means that there is a real and valuable importance in celebration. As a team. With successes comes the need to make the most of success, to learn and reflect from what really did go well and also what might have gone better if things were done a little differently – and prepare for the time ahead and new challenges!

Successful team building is not about getting perfect people around you. You as the ‘boss’ can make a huge difference to who you have already, by the actions and influences that you have yourself – and create a powerful team which can rise up and lead your business or organization to much bigger things.

Source by Martin Haworth

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