Traditional Rugs and Abrash Effect

Many hand woven oriental traditional rugs have uneven colouring. Some parts of your rug will be darker, some lighter, some may look faded or washed out. These imperfections are called the abrash effect and are a part of the charm of the traditional hand woven rugs. They make hand made pieces look individual and unique.

These differences in colour occur because the wool used in hand woven rugs comes from many different sources. The wool varies in quality thickness and colour. It is then dyed in batches and it is extremely hard to make these batches of wool look identical. The colour variations run horizontally across the rug, following the weft yarn. This gives the hand made rugs the stripe pattern.

These colour imperfections are not seen as flaws any more, rather, they are associated with quality and true value of hand knotted rugs. The abrash effect has become trendy and fashionable. So much so that many machine made traditional and even modern rugs are designed to emulate the colour variations or the natural abrash effect.

Modern technologies in carpet production have made it possible to produce machine made rugs which are very similar to their hand made predecessors in how they look and feel. What is more, they provide a quality which is much more reliable. Traditional machine made rugs are extremely durable and easy to look after. They do not have the colouring problem of most hand woven rugs, it means that the colours will not run if you spill something on your rug or if you want to have it washed. The fringes or pile of machine made rugs will not pull away easily as is often the case with hand woven rugs. Most machine made pieces go through the Woolmark certification, which is an international quality endorsement sign for all wool products, recognised almost in all countries in the world.

The abrash effect in machine made rugs is achieved by using threads of different colours and shades. For example, burgundy would be diffused by terracotta, black by dark grey, cream by various shades of ivory and gold. These careful and thought through colour variations achieve the same effect of large stripes as the abrash effect in hand woven rugs.

Whether you prefer hand made pieces or machine made rugs, rugs with abrash effect are not just great investment. Stylish and elegant, they will make your home look contemporary and fashionable in any day and age.

Source by Katie Gilbert

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