Train travel discounts – promo codes?

Hi – am travelling from Welwyn Garden City to Warrington Central on Friday next week and am wondering if anyone knows of any discount codes? Return ticket is about £70 so wouldnt mind getting some money off if possible! Cheers, B
Thanks for this – I dont have a National Rail card (too old for young persons cards!) Will be leaving late morning, both on journey out and return. I think £70 return is gonna be the cheapest but will keep looking 🙂 B

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3 Responses to “Train travel discounts – promo codes?”

  1. Peter R says:

    you don’t say what time you are going or whether you have a Young Persons Card, suggest you check on National Rail or Virgin Trains sites for single fare offers, but being as its a Friday, I guess those will be limited.

    Sorry I can’t help you more, it’s part of my job but I’m not at work today ))

  2. Candy says:

    go to travel sites like orbitz, enter the required info in regards to train traveland they’ll set you up…you can also find out about them at the websites ffor the train (amtrak)

  3. Where's my money? says:

    Yes I do, thanks for asking.

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