Tranfering Car Titles?

My fiancee bought me a new car, he sold my car to a friend. But since the new car is in his name and my old car is in my name, can he put his name on the bill of sale so we can get the tax break on the new car? Or do i have to transfer title to him name and then have him sign title to his friends? Help Please? Im so confused.

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One Response to “Tranfering Car Titles?”

  1. g says:

    No wonder your are confused. You, or your boyfriend, cannot legally sell a vehicle until it is titled in the owner’s name. A bill of sale will not fly, you have to have legal title before it will be a recognized legal sale. Was the sale of your vehicle to our friend proper and legal? That’s the first thing to clean up. Bottom line, names have to be officially on an automobile title prior to legal sale, the bill of sale is not sufficient.

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