Transfer Money To The Philipines.?

I have been sending my nephew who lives in the Philippines a few dollars a month for a while now via western union. To date this is a safe and convenient way to send money but W/U charge $14 per transaction. Is there another cheaper way to send money but is stil safe and as convenient?

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  1. Spamless says:

    xoom often has promo coupon codes for discounts, rates as low as $4.99
    paypal fee is under 2%, but the recipient needs to transfer the funds to their bank account, then withdrawl cash.

  2. Dave J says:

    Find a remittance office that allows you to send money. I have a account with Philippine National Bank (PNB) called “Global Filipino” I can transfer up to 100,000php per month from Canada to the Phils for $8 CAD per transaction. I understand PNB is not available in AUS but search for a similar method with other remittance companies. PNB has branches here in Vancouver.

  3. chmacque says:

    Cheapest way is sending bank to bank transfer with xoom. Costs $5 and takes a couple of hours. Won’t find anything cheaper, trust me I’ve looked.But for the cheap method does require both ends have a bank account as its bank to bank. More expensive if its not bank to bank.

  4. SM Tindera Makup says:

    In the US it’s only $10 and we are farther away! Xoom is the same price and has a lot of Philippines options. Moneygram and WU are usually about the same. Moneygram is a pain to send in America now.

  5. clncarpl says:

    Alan: Go to Walmart they have Moneygram for $9.00. He will get the money at Mluhillier Pawn Shop Or try an oriental grocery store that ships LBC boxes. They can also send money. They will deliver or he can pick up in person.

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