Travel Insurance For People With Health Problems

Travel insurance for people with health problems can seem an almost insurmountable obstacle; however,if you do your homework and compare a few policies, you’ll find that travel insurance is available for just about everyone. Let’s take a look at where you can purchase different insurance policies, and a few general restrictions that may apply to your situation.

First of all, there are two main types of travel insurance: the first covers your property (i.e. luggage, airfare, etc.) while the second covers your health. The first type can be purchased from your credit card company; most will cover your expenses for free, provided you used their card to purchase them. The health plan can also contain this type of insurance as well, though I recommend checking with your credit card company first.

Short term health insurance can contain as many terms (known as “riders”) as you want. Some popular examples include the return of mortal remains, return of children who traveled with you, medical evacuation, dentistry abroad, and hospital costs. Sure you still want to travel? I highly recommend you read the fine print included with each proposal; what may be included in one policy may not in another. Deductibles also vary widely by provider, so it’s a good idea to shop around.

Travel insurance for people with health problems will generally cost more, assuming they have a pre-existing condition sometime within the past three years. There are some companies who only track back one year, which could result in an acceptance that would otherwise be denied (this is true for U.S. citizens traveling abroad). You should consider or the US state department for more information.

Source by Adam Costa

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