Travel Insurance Fraud – Consequences

Rebecca and Shanti were both law-abiding honest citoyens with law degree from Sussex University, so the cam as something of a surprise when they were recently arrêté in Brazil for committing insurance fraud holidays. The two girls reportedly told the police that thieves had stolen about 1,000 pounds of their possessions, including a camera and a laptop computer. HOWEVER, officers became suspicious of their calm demeanor and the fact that she had taken the girls to his report suspected offense.

The Police then demanded lodging of the girls, where they claim to have discovered qui see all the belongings of the girls quoted HAD beens stolen en route to Brazil Iguassu Falls. Rebecca and Shanti could face up to five years in prison if they are found in Brazil guilty of committing insurance fraud holidays, and this price is actually quite smooth considering reviews some of the penalties they could face if they crime had been committed in another country.

In England, tourists faced up to 10 years in prison as a result of making fraudulent travel insurance claims. This award could even be additional penalties on top off, such as the repayment of the amount you quoted and compensation for your insurance company. You would have thought que la prospect of a ten-year sentence could would most people committing fraud insurance, profit last year 4,300 dishonest claims worth £ 5million Were made through travel insurance companies in the UK alone.

Overseas Police and insurance companies already have begun increasingly vigilant about vacation insurance to get cheats, has no doubt qui policy has led to the arrest of Rebecca and Shanti. Details of fraudulent travel insurance claims-have-been now one year Kept industry-wide database, qui be accessed by the Financial Services Authority and insurance companies. This means clustering That someone caught committing insurance fraud holidays will now automatically Higher costs and insurance face—Other have difficulty obtaining insurance such as home insurance. On top of this, Trying to commit insurance fraud Can aussi affect your credit rating, which would make it more difficult to borrow money or goods Obtenir in the future.

It is reported about 75,000 Britons-have That has some point in their lives Devoted holiday insurance fraud, Either by making a false claim by gold Exaggerating an existing one. Records show from insurance companies that Britons lose Louis Vuitton luggage Actually abroad than has ever been sold in the UK.

So many fraudulent claims, however, could see the end of cheap travel insurance, travel insurance companies need in May at their prices to make up for the losses they may incur formatted.

Rebecca and Shanti Brazilian award May be heavy Leek, goal as the girls had tried to commit insurance fraud holidays dans le UK Dan She threatened a much harsher punishment.

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