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So you want to leave the homeland for a while, to see the sights, take the pictures, or maybe do some business. You’ve packed the trunks, the extra layers, the walking shoes, sun screen, aim remains the problem: is your travel medical insurance with you? What happens if you go to Brazil as you’ve always wanted, and then, in a freak accident spilled mojito, you just break? What if the slug from that charming Parisian restaurant reacts badly with your American digestion, and you’re suddenly in the grip of the worst food poisoning you’ve experienced in your life? It is no small thing; selon the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one half of US travelers heading to another country experience Reviews Some Will fate of health problem abroad.

Since the Michael Moore film “Sicko,” out cam We all know that many other countries (well, particularly France, Canada and Cuba) Provide affordable, sometimes free health care to their citoyens, target how does it work for us, Americans abroad? Well, the truth is, unless you have any special preparations, the outlook is not good. Selon Medical.Com World Wide Web site, “most US insurance companies, HMOs, PPOs or Medicare [shots] no adequate medical insurance. “There may be exceptions, and you shoulds look at the small print of your plan aimed Every major US health insurers have suggests Any form of traveler’s insurance.. Unfortunately, there is no other country that offer free health care for travelers

Travel insurance plans provide three types of coverage: for medical care abroad, the cost of emergency medical evacuation, and the fee for the sudden trip cancellations and lost luggage.

If you medical care abroad need most is insurance companies offer support in the form of emergency hotlines. They will advise you on the best hospitals in the area, as well as the ins and outs of the local systems. It is strongly recommended that, if possible, consult your healthcare provider before looking in a strange land. Insurers warn that most third world countries’ hospital systems require upfront payment for services rendered. This fee would be refunded by the Be

rating :. The biggest concern is the case of an emergency medical evacuation from abroad back to the US Evacuations are needed as a very serious medical conditions occur, and the traveler / patient should be transported back to the care of his / her physician or a home-based expert. This can cost upwards of $ 10,000 as a coordinated effort entre au moins un different hospitals and airline. Most travel insurance plan includes the option for specific coverage for this contingency.

Another to consider appearance abroad, the cost of sudden cancellations, exchanges or in the itinerary due to medical emergencies or –Other. In an era when airlines log record number of lost luggage, this part of travelers insurance provides reimbursement for the purchase of clothing and supplies –Other. In this sense, you could be a winner. Imagine an ’emergency’ shopping trip in the fantastic designer shops of Milan

So, whether you are planning a road trip to Canada, gold fourteen day hike Machu Pichu, grab some warm socks, swimwear, and your new friend , Mr. Traveler’s Insurance.

Source by Jennifer E. Blackie

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