Travel Insurance, it is something spiritual

Travel Insurance is the last thing many of us think before a holiday. You can feel the relief when the trip is paid. Then you start saving the “money.” By the time, you decide where to go, when to go, where to stay, take qui flight or cruise, you just do not remember “insurance” and this can be a big mistake for all of us.

We are investing in a journey to faraway places, we carefully buy new clothes, sunglasses, new bags, new underwear and accessories –Other only ourselves wide open for a disaster and lost money allowed if one of the following events occur: Tour operator company decides that she has a tummy tuck, at your expense, or tour operator disappears or goes bankrupt airline on strike or hurricane of the century, named for your ex-wife, left turn and heads straight for Brands your destination, or a part of the California falls into the ocean as a result of an earthquake and share it disturbs the rest of the oceans in the world, extreme delays, illness during the holidays because you drank the water, and The Big One, terrorist attack, not to mention if you lose your passport, or worst, the ocean rises and claims the beach where you stay.

All jokes aside, you can cancel a travel insurance to protect against buying trip, trip interruption, missed connections, flight ticket cover, medical expenses, emergency medical transportation, baggage, baggage delay, accidental death and have a 24-hour travel assistance available to you from any where in the world.

The “real” Reasons to Travel Insurance

OK, enough of the negative purchase. I’m sour you get the point. However, there is an important reason to buy trip insurance; . It protects your capital back home if something were to happen while traveling

Example: What about seniors who have Waited all their lives to travel only to find out that Medicare does not somebody from outside the US States will cover! Can you picture spend a significant amount of your retirement income to pay medical bills in a foreign country? There are major medical policy for travelers (including seniors) who goes abroad for at least 6 months and require more permanent insurance. These plans provide comprehensive medical protection included urgent medical treatment, health care and prescription drug coverage optional

Example:. people who had insurance Review: had a very different experience when Emily (Hurricane) Mexico’s Yucatan hit in July 2005. Firstly, everyone cried expired and went to the airport Trying to catch a flight out. At one time there were no more flights out, there were only mill irish tourist nozzles move inland away from the storm. Those with Travel Insurance were not engaged in “cost” (I’m safe it was enough to just worry about your life) realize that they would be reimbursed through their policies. Those without insurance need to be concerned with the cost of lodging and food until Emily got a better attitude. Certainly, many of the tourist without travel insurance HAD to spend part of their upcoming monthly budget before it home safely. (I wonder what would happen to those who had reached their limit on credit cards) We will not be what will happen to the tourists who stayed in small hotels go when Katrina hit town!

Another example of the “real” Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance, you ski in the Alps, which you chase the moguls (or they are dogging you) and you slip on the bend. No real problem, the target have to be flown to the hospital nearest ‘to have taken radiographs. The cost of the air-bridge? Who pays? You do, if you have not it the right (travel) health insurance or accident insurance. (Will pay for a helicopter to a hospital upset your monthly budget back home?)

And what about the classic example? You leave your money pocket with your credit cards and your Travelers Checks in the cab on the way back to your hotel. It happens all the time. . No insurance, no refund

Important Information:

Note: this is extremely important: The majorit√© of the Travel Insurance Company, you must apply for the standard, terrorism insurance and pre- Existing insurance within 10 days of initial booking your trip. Bottom line, you can not wait until your destination is on the US State Department’s Travel Warning List insurance to buy.

The less you have to worry about it-holidays, the safer you will be. When traveling outside the US, much of your attention should be given to the review of your surroundings. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Enough of the examples. If you want to protect yourself and your investment will probably not need the Insurance Are ‘Almost like the invisible Insurance Companies would be an “umbrella of protection” around us, just so they do not pay or that our prayers keep us safe ?

Source by Cassandra Ingraham

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