Travel Insurance – War and terrorism cover

For most people, the worst thing that can happen to ’em That’s vacation is a missed flight, a stolen wallet, sick or have a small accident. If you’ve been smart and cheap Bought Some travel insurance, then you have probably covered commonplace thesis for holiday accidents.

Purpose In some countries, travelers face the risk of more serious disturbances on their vacation. Wars, riots and terrorism are among the hazards that you may encounter, and even if you purchased travel insurance, may it not reliable to help you in situations thesis Be. It is vital for British travelers to know how extreme thesis Circumstances may affect their travel insurance, and what precautions to take before they go -. Travel to a dangerous area with inadequate insurance coverage can be a recipe for disaster

War and Civil Disorder

If you travel to a country at war gold that suffers a serious political interference, it is one of the surest ways to make your travel insurance invalid – Most standard insurance Will not be for you if you travel to an area that is known to be unstable or in conflict. If a sudden or insurrection breaks out while you are in the country Actually holiday insurance differ -. Some will still not work for you, even if the event was relatively unexpected, Whereas others will provide some degree of coverage


A new potential threat for travelers in the 21st century is terrorism. Terrorist attacks are sudden, violent and unpredictable and, apart from the obvious risk of injury or death, a terrorist incident in the country you are traveling to can lead to the delay or cancellation of your holiday. Just as war and civil disturbance, terrorism covers policy to policy. Some Provide no coverage at all, while others offer you the full benefits of travel insurance in the event of a terrorist attack.

What to do

If you’re worried about unrest or terrorism and how it may affect your travel insurance, there are two important things you should know

  • What is the risk of terrorism and civil disturbance, the destination you are traveling?
  • What’s in the small print of your travel insurance concernant war, unrest and terrorism?

Research your destination before you go – The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is the best place to check on the political conditions in your destination. Carefully read; Unlike some countries that are safe to travel in his total-have no-go zones (such as the Darian Gap in Panama and the tribal belt in Pakistan.) If a country or territory is marked under “Do not drive under any circumstances,” is the chances are that your insurance company is not going to cover you if you have to travel there.

Once you have the risk Judging in a particular country, then you know what level of coverage you need from your travel insurance. Terrorism cover is becoming commonplace, even with cheap travel insurance policy coverage for war and unrest still hard to come by.

Make sure you know the risks, and can get the best coverage for your circumstances. Most people buy travel insurance and barely look at the fine print, online ordering with a little research, you can get a comprehensive policy that perfectly suits your personal needs.

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