Travel Insurance – What If You Are Kidnapped Or Held Hostage?

If you travel to the third world or to places with civil unrest you might find that there are always stories of people being taken hostage or kidnapped. The guerrilla political opposition or sometimes a terrorist organization will kidnap Americans, because, well, because they are worth something and their loved ones can pay for their release.

By holding them hostage they can extract hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. This is standard procedure and a method of operation for such groups.

If you want to get your loved one back alive, hand over the cash and supposedly they will be released. So, let's say you are traveling to one of these places and you get kidnapped, well most travel insurance policies will not cover kidnapping and ransom, but there are a few insurance companies that will, and you can but coverage like this.

Of course, because of the nature of this business, most of the insurance companies that offer such coverage do not advertise, rather they sell their insurance through word of mouth and referrals only.

Believe it or not there have been many kidnappings recently just over the border in Mexico due to the drug wars. And there have even been kidnappings of wealthy individuals in Arizona and Texas. So, you can see that this type of insurance, which is usually sold to oil companies and large corporations working in foreign nations, they say it's just part of doing business and pass those costs onto their consumers.

Although many companies will not admit to buying kidnapping insurance, we bet a whole bunch of the largest corporations of the world do. How much does this insurance cost? Oh, about $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 per year, but what is a life worth?

Source by Lance Winslow

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