Traveling While Pregnant – Do You Need Insurance?

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences in a woman’s life. It’s also a very popular time for women to travel. This is because pregnancy is a wake-up call for many women and their other halves that this may be their last chance to take a trip and be just the two of them without any worries. However, everyone knows that traveling while pregnant isn’t the safest thing to do, especially in the last trimester of the pregnancy.

With this danger comes great concern should something happen while traveling and how to deal with it. There are many things to consider when traveling while pregnant, from what to pack to how to prepare. One of the most important things to consider is to purchase pregnancy travel insurance. Travel insurance for pregnant women ensures that should there be any problem while traveling, they are covered both financially as well as have a guarantee that they will have the proper care for themselves and their unborn baby.

There are numerous personal things that you should take along with you while traveling when pregnant. When packing your bags make sure that you don’t forget to pack a small first aid kit. Also, don’t forget your prenatal vitamins and any other medication prescribed by your doctor. Also, if you are prone to heartburn at this stage of pregnancy, don’t forget some anti-acid such as Tums and a small packet of dry crackers. Make sure to have plenty of snacks and liquids for the actual trip to the location. Another thing to consider is how you are traveling. If you will be traveling by plane, speak with the flight attendant when you get on board that you will require lots of liquids and if possible for them to come by often to offer them, as it’s not a good idea to get up on a plane due to the possibility of turbulence.

If you are planning to travel by car, and especially during the summer, plan your trip accordingly so you don’t travel in the heat. It’s important again to pack lots of liquids and snacks. Also, having a pre-planned route which will give you plenty of opportunities to stop is important. You will most likely need to stop plenty for bathroom breaks as well as to walk around and get your blood moving. Also, whether on a plane or in a car make sure that you wear your seat belt at all times, however, make sure that none of the straps are on your belly.

Consult with your doctor before taking any long trips, whether by car or plane. It’s important that you also invest in some pregnancy travel insurance for yours and your unborn child’s safety. Keep in mind that travel insurance for pregnant women is offered only before the 28th or 34th week, depending on who you purchase insurance from. Also, the earlier in your pregnancy that you travel and purchase insurance the less expensive it will be, so keep that in mind when you find out you are pregnant and are considering traveling.

Source by Iftikhar Tirmizi

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