Trendimi personal styling certificate? Please help!?

Has anyone heard of this company? They have a deal on wowcher. It claims to be an online course which upon completion gives you a certificate in personal styling. Would this certificate be recognised? There is very little information on google, as it says the Company only started in 2012.
Has anyone heard of this company or know anything about the company itself or the qualification it offers?

Any help would be appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Trendimi personal styling certificate? Please help!?”

  1. Danii says:

    Just read it all and when you click on to the link its ‘style me’ which means its for personal use only…. the style ‘you’ course is a recognised one in which you could get a career out of it which costs £629 originally and the style me is the £490 so you would know how to dress your shape and stuff but no career out of it which is the one there offering on wowcher…. CONS

  2. Zi says:

    What a rip of!!! Just redeemed the voucher and the course is on a radicously law level. Basicly it tells you what a school girl knows! In the face shape module it hasn`t even got my face shape! A LOT OF RUBBISH. Not worth over £20 and certainly not Over £400 !! To be honest i wouldnt pay a 5 quid for it. Will try and get my money back. Anyone knows how can I if its already been redeemed?

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