Tried and failed to negotiate a discount in a shop. What did I do wrong?

They are saying on TV that you can often negotiate discounts on things you buy in shops. Well I saw a radio controlled helicopter for £100, so said to them I had a budget of £90 and could I have it at that price. The guy said he’d need to go and speak to the manager. He went away and came back and said no.

Surely they would still have made a profit on £90. Why are they being greedy?

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3 Responses to “Tried and failed to negotiate a discount in a shop. What did I do wrong?”

  1. Cat says:

    If you can "often" negotiate a discount, it goes without saying that you won’t always be able to. Apparently, the helicopters are popular enough that they have no problems selling them for more than you offered. You have a better chance at a negotiated discount with items they’ve been having trouble moving.

  2. proud walker says:

    I don’t think it’s nearly that easy for many of us to negotiate a discount.

    Maybe it was the only one they had in stock and it was actually worth more to them to have it on the shelf.

  3. lorijotx says:

    It is their store and they set the prices. If you don’t like the price, go somewhere else.

    Retail stores don’t negotiate prices, that is done at a Flea Markets.

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