Trying To Choose Between 2 Guys !?

Hiiiiiiii! So having a crush on 2 guys & trying to figure out which one to pick is probably the worst thing ever. How do you know who to pick !? So I was thinking that if I kinda wrote my thoughts on each of them, the answer might be clear to other people & maybe I just can’t see it? I was hoping yous would help me with that! Let’s see! 🙂
Guy #1: Works at my local starbucks which I go to at least once a week. Knows me from there. Is VERY attractive. Is very sweet to me, very much a gentleman. Flirts with me in the cutest ways. Asked for my name & now calls me by it every time he sees me, knows the days I come in, where I sit, comes to my table to check on me & clean up my trash, & even memorized my favorite and usual drink. Gives me discounts or free drinks, gives me bigger drinks. He’s kinda tall, nice body, a bit older than me, and like I said very attractive & very much a gentleman, basically everything I look for in a guy.
Guy #2. Odd, considering he is someone I NEVER thought I’d like. EVER. I’ve actually said in the past how I’d never date him. He’s not someone you look at and find physically attractive. He’s not too tall, maybe a tad taller than me. He’s a year or two younger than me, BUT he’s one of those guys who becomes really cute when you get to know him. He has a good personality & makes me laugh. Also a gentleman, puts every window in his car up the second I tell him I’m cold, runs back to lock his car so I could leave my purse there, etc. But the fact that I never thought of him that way is confusing me. I’m asking myself if I really like him or if I just want a boyfriend. I feel as though he’d be a hookup for me, while the other guy I’d like to date. But I’m not sure, I have to get to know both of them more because I don’t know either of them too well.
Opinions ?

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4 Responses to “Trying To Choose Between 2 Guys !?”

  1. Sandy says:

    For me, guy 1 seems like the obvious crush but you can’t really ‘pick’ one of them until you get to know them. I’d suggest asking him to do something or trying to get to know him better through your conversations. Guy 2 sounds lovely and I know exactly what you mean about not thinking that you would be interested in him. I fell in love with my best friend! I had known him for 5 years before I realised. Just be patient, remember that they each will have a feeling themselves about you and it’s not just your decision so ‘let it happen’ would be a solution. It really is up to you but this list thing wont work because they each have good qualities.

  2. just_dre says:

    i think the second guy.and.emotional bod Would last longer

  3. heyoheyo says:

    You have to have an ultimatum. Pick one, and never see or speak to the other again. In order to so this, you will need to flip a coin. Heads for one, tails for the other.
    …but guess what. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is. Because in that split second of anticipation, you suddenly know what you want the answer to be.

  4. Jessthem says:

    You’re allowed to have a crush on two different guys, but as soon as you start a relationship, the other has to go. So since you didn’t say whether either of them has asked you out or even asked for your number, I’d say you should wait and see and keep getting to know them.
    Starbucks guy could just be really nice and really good at his job. You should try flirting really obviously and see if he asks for your number. Or if you’ve tried this with no luck, just be really bold and say something like, “Hey you. Why haven’t you ever asked for my number? *fake pouty face* Is it against starbucks policy? ha ah *flirtatious giggle*”
    The other guy sounds like he’s actually trying, and an actual gentleman. Sometimes girls think they know what they want and go after that certain type, but really don’t know what would make them happy. I personally think the second guy sounds like better potential and the first one sounds like you just like his looks (which says shallow “fling” to me, not long term relationship.) So maybe you have it backwards and that’s why you are confused. Try switching that around and thinking it out. Maybe that will help. Good luck!

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