TV Satellite Dish – Where to Get The Best

TV Satellite Dish

A TV satellite Dish is used to capture the signal broadcast from a TV satellite. The dish redirects the signal to an LNB (low-noise block) converter where it's amplified and sent to a TV receiver.

DISH Network Satellite Dish

When you order DISH Network satellite TV service you get a 20 "multi-TV satellite dish with advanced LNB for free.

DIRECTV Satellite Dish

DIRECTV will give you an 18 "DIRECTV Dual LNB dish for free when you order satellite TV service from them.

Satellite Receiver

A satellite receiver amplifies and decodes the signal from the LNB converter and sends it to your TV.

DISH Network Receivers

With DISH Network you have a variety of free receivers to choose from when you order their satellite service:

* A standard receiver for watching satellite TV on one television.

* A dual-tuner receiver for watching different shows on two TVs.

* A DVR receiver so you can digitally record, pause, and replay live TV.

* An HD receiver so you can view high definition programming.

DIRECTV Receivers

When you order DIRECTV SERVICE you can choose from the following free receivers:

* A DIRECTV D11 standard receiver for single-TV viewing.

* A DVR receiver so you can digitally record your favorite shows (free after a $ 99 rebate).

* An HD receiver so you can watch high definition programming (free after a $ 99 rebate).

Note: Both DISH Network and DIRECTV will install the dish and receivers at no charge. DISH Network does not charge to ship the dish and receivers, while DIRECTV charges $ 19.99.

Satellite TV Service

DISH Network and DIRECTV offer a number of programming packages varying in price from $ 19.99 per month to $ 99.99 per month.

DISH Network Service

Dish Network programming starts at $ 19.99 for their Family package, which includes 40 family-oriented satellite TV channels, and goes up to $ 74.99 for 350 channels, including all the major movie channels, 52 music channels, and 60 Sirius satellite radio stations.

They also offer local channels, pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages, 20 international channels, HD channels, and even a channel devoted exclusively to babies.


DIRECTV programming starts at $ 41.99 for 155 channels which includes a variety of shows, news, sports, and music channels, and goes up to $ 96.99 for 250 channels, including the major movie channels and 67 XM satellite radio channels.

You can also get your local channels, pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages, 6 international channels, HD channels, and their exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket.

Bottom Line

When it comes to systems, both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer state-of-the-art dishes and receivers that are similar in quality and function. However DIRECTV charges $ 19.99 to ship their system, and you can only get their DVR and HD receivers after a $ 99 mail-in rebate.

As far as programming is concerned, if you're looking for the biggest variety of shows, movies, music, and international channels, then I'd recommend checking out DISH Network by clicking on the link below.

If sports is your thing, I'd recommend checking out DIRECTV.

Source by Brian Stevens

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