Two discounts on one oyster card, possible?

I have a bus and tram discount photocard which entitles me to half price oyster bus journeys in London.

I am going to get an 18-25 railcard which will give me 1/3 off underground and 1/3 off bus journeys in London.

Is it possible to keep using the 50% off bus journeys from my bus and tram discount card and load the 1/3 discount from the 18-25 railcard but only for underground journeys? Or would I need to use 2 different oyster cards?


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3 Responses to “Two discounts on one oyster card, possible?”

  1. Barry Salter says:

    Oyster cards have space for up to three discounts to be loaded onto them, and should work out the best one to apply for the journey you have made, so you can quite happily keep the same card for both the Railcard (it doesn’t distinguish between different types of Railcard) and Bus & Tram discount.

  2. Ed Fox says:

    Not aware that a 18-25 Railcard has any validity on any bus – hence the name RAILcard
    On the Underground, the railcard gives you a discount only on One-Day TravelCards

  3. I says:

    The railcard is only valid on rail journeys, its not valid on underground unless you have a rail ticket which includes underground as part of the journey. I think ypu can load the railcard onto any oyster to use for rail journeys within London.

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