U2 Or Queen Who Is Better?

no beliebers or directioners or gangnam stylers i think its queen for freddies vocal is way betterrr than bonos album sales queen cause U2 sold 150 million worldwide Queen sold 450 millions so who is better in ur opinion

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5 Responses to “U2 Or Queen Who Is Better?”

  1. tom m says:

    Queen for sure

  2. Numb says:

    Scorpions is better than both.
    Meine’s vocal hand down.

  3. Something Gay says:

    Well, I have no right to say Queen because I only know a couple U2 songs. But in my defense I believe Queen is one of the greatest bands of our lifetime, based solely on the band itself. They never ‘broke-up’. I’m sure if Freddie were still alive they’d still be together.

  4. Lina ruby Govinden says:

    Love both bands!

  5. Rocknrol says:

    Bono only appears to be gay, while old Fred was the real deal. Queen.

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