UCAS Card online discount?

I’m just wondering how I can access the online discount with my UCAS card at sites like CDwow etc?
I tried putting the number on the card in as a discount code and it said it was invalid.
Is there some other way of activating discount?
Thanks in advance for you help!

PS. I’m not asking for a list of sites I can use it at, just how to
I said what I meant. I have a UCAS card.

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2 Responses to “UCAS Card online discount?”

  1. cathrl69 says:

    I would email UCAS and ask. The CdWow page is misleading to say the least.

    "The prices already have been discounted so you don’t need any special codes at the checkout."

    That doesn’t sound to me as if they are giving people with a card a discount – how would they know? Very misleading advertising.

  2. Cathy C says:

    Do you mean NUS extra card?

    Some of their discounts were only valid until the end of October ’10.

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