Ugg boot sale prices?

I want to buy UGG boots but I want to buy them after Christmas. I am going to buy them in a high-street store like Schuh or House of Fraser or Clockwork Orange and I was just wondering if anyone has bought a pair around that time and knows what price they usually go down to in the january sales. Thanks
By the way, the type I want to know about is the classic short ones.

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  1. John W says:

    You do find genuine Uggs on sale – we only do online sales, but we had about half a dozen styles with £60 or so off because they were overstocked and not part of the new range being marketed in Jan this year. We also ran an offer last month where you bought two pairs and got a third free. Ok, that’s a lot of money to spend at once, but it goes to show the savings you can sometimes get. So, you might just as easily find similar discounts in the hi-street.

  2. las6622 says:

    I have never seen AUTHENTIC UGGS go on sale.


    good luck finding a pair.

    Sometimes if a pair is going out of style/being discontinued they will mark it down to get rid of them, but the classic short ones still seem to be popular.

    I would think UGGS would not be on sale in January, despite the holidays. Reason being? It is still the winter, people still want and need boots. That is the time of year they will be in the highest demand.

    If you want to buy a pair at the cheapest, I would assume that they would be cheaper in the spring/summer.

    In addition, those stores that you mentioned? Most people wont know what you are talking about because those are based in the UK and most people on this site are from USA.

  3. Zhiling says:

    ugg after Christmas/ cyber monday/boxing day/balck driday is cheap.
    and if you need .you can see good luck!

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