UK Broadband – best deals/services?

Would appreciate anyones feedback on UK broadband services – I’m interested in Unlimited download deals. Have looked at Orange Unlimited, Be Unlimited and Virgin Unlimited but don’t know anyone whose tried them. Carphone Warehouse looks attractive but have heard horror stories about 3 month delays. Any info would be appreciated.

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8 Responses to “UK Broadband – best deals/services?”

  1. Sky_Blue_Stav says:

    I have the Carphone Warehouse broadband deal and have not had any problems with it. £19.99 a month for unlimited broadband and also some phone call deal, which I wasn’t that bothered about as the deal was so good. Think you will get horror stories from most networks. The Carphone Warehouse deal was in the news so much as they offered the unlimited deal and got swamped by the number taking it up. Have to say I am surprised that more companies haven’t matched the deal.

  2. Edward W says:

    DONT get NTL it sucks that is my advice to you

  3. stompin_sarah81 says:

    im with bt and the price is ridiculous!! the only reason i with them is cos telewest is not in this new area ive moved to but i would go with telewest again if it did come to my area! also sky broadband is here so take a look at that!

  4. chrisbell3 says:

    hi…i use Virgin…and i can say it is very good alround…plus the main reason i got it was, because you are ‘not’ held to a contract, and you can walk away as soon as your monthly payment expires…so i ‘can’ recommend Virgin

  5. Gizzapint2 says:

    B.T. Best one I have been on free helpline, and I think they rent the lines to other isp so maybe they look after their own customers first but their good!

  6. balderdash04 says:

    Hey! I use Bulldog Broadband at home. If you dont have a phone they will provide you for just £10.00 a month. For their Unlimited Broadband its £19.50. So all in all it’s £30/month including a home landline. If you have a phone, it’s only £19.50. It’s really affordable and fast broadband. When you order your broadband it will only take 10days to install and activate. I hope you’ll a Bulldog Broadband. Their site is at the bottom.

  7. parrotboozer says:

    talk talk which is carphone warehouse. talk3 package i have no problems with it

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