UK / China Deal…….?

Any Americans (or those following US politics) have an opinion on the recent UK/China nuclear deal?
Are Americans surprised by the deal? What’s the general feeling, given all the tension between the US and China?

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  1. Oliver says:

    Well I am from England but I work with guys from the US and I studied politics and am very up on these things, or at least I consider myself to be.

    This move is mainly to do with what George Osborne is describing as "to help our economy and lower energy prices", so he says, even though the nuclear power stations are being built by the Chinese and we may not see any fall in energy prices what so ever because of this. We do have a deal with the Japanese (Hitachi) on nuclear power stations, but because so many of ours are in need of replacement, we are looking everywhere for help and we don’t have the money to build ones ourselves, hence this deal.

    From my point of view this is very risky since the Chinese don’t have a good track record for safety among these things (power stations and general safety quality). You also have the problem with spies, the Chinese have stolen a lot of US,UK and in general western technology, regarding commercial and domestic products (military, cars, computers)

    The US and China do have economic ties, though they are fading ever so slightly, as Chinas economy is looking more unstable, despite the largish growth. On a social level, the two countries relationships are very sour, much like Japan and China’s, due to the fact the US enjoy a cosy relationship with japan and South Korea and they 3 along with the Australian military jointly and more frequently these days are holding military exercises together, pointing towards china and North Korea. The Chinese have expressed their upset because of this several times.

    I wouldn’t think the white house would be shocked or let down by us, considering they probably knew something like this was going to happen, and the Chinese have been making products for the US for over a decade (although you can’t compare an iPad to a nuclear power station, but you get my point)

    Hope this gives you a general idea of what is going on.

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