UK: Contract of employment; bargaining rights?

1)Is it true that when you start a company and they give you a contract of employment. Employer and Employee have equal bargaining rights as to what goes into a contract of employment. Even if its a multi national or very large company. Will they honour any "stipulations" requested by a new recruit?
2) should I get a new contract of employment every year?

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  1. awphotog says:

    Of course you have "bargaining" rights.
    Whether or not the company agrees to your terms (and you theirs) is entirely upto them.

    No, you don’t have to get a new contract every year unless you are on an annual contract or the terms change.

  2. Alberto E says:

    1) Employer and employee ALWAYS have equal bargaining rights. Of course, large firms that have a broad pool of people to recruit from will normally be in a stronger bargaining position than the prospective employee. So long as they don’t abuse their power (eg. by blackmailing), they may and should benefit from this stronger position.
    If by stipulations you mean verbal agreements, whether or not the employer honors them is all up to his good will, unless these are otherwise recorded and it is evident that they were seriously intended. You should try to get everything clearly written down; you may want to find out just why the employer doesn’t want to put these stipulations down in writing.

    2) Depends. If something about the contract bothers you, it may be better to make the contract shorter, and see how everything works out. But a longer contract will offer you more long-term employment stability. You have to weigh the pro’s and con’s against each other to decide.
    You might even consider getting professional legal help if you’re suspicious enough?

  3. quien eres????? says:


  4. GEORGE B says:

    1) Of course they have equal bargaining rights
    In general however the employer is in the stronger position simply by the fact that he is offering a post .If you don`t agree to his terms he will find somebody else that will.
    This doesn`t apply in all cases
    In my own case (Before retirement) & could make my own terms & conditions. I was in a highly specialised field & fortunate that companies sought my expertise ,so I was never in a position of seeking employment
    2) Under normal employment conditions one does not generally sign a new contract every year

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