uk ebay Item number: 260220393677 is this a bargain?

is this a bargain?
Item number: 260220393677

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12 Responses to “uk ebay Item number: 260220393677 is this a bargain?”

  1. twinkly_toes says:

    if the stuff is genuine and as described then, yes, its a hell of a lot cheaper than in the shops (so far – theres no knowing how high the bids will go). toys are extremely expensive and i think you could expect to pay over a fiver, for any single item listed there (even more for some of them). but remember, its only a bargain if you want it, or can make money from it!

  2. SarahLou84 says:

    yeah I suppose so if you like toys?

  3. Hayden says:

    they r all party bag things. ok price

  4. soggy says:

    Looks like a load of cheap tat to me

  5. JT says:

    Doesn’t it depend on how much it sells for?
    Looks like junk to me, and already overpriced.

  6. Kevin M says:

    the bids will rise the price will increase due to the auction not ending yet lol

  7. Little Star says:

    it looks ok, you need to be careful incase the stuff is fake or something though. if its an import or copy from another country then it wont have been quality controlled and safety tested. hope this helps x

  8. Jon E says:

    It’s not bad, but if you’re buying it to re-sell it won’t all sell likes/he was saying, the alarms will but not all the toys.

  9. " ye baby " says:

    i would say so baby, bid 4 it !

  10. roger k says:

    Lot of toys, if you need them, just £7 postage is the killer, unless you live in Liverpool & collect, would be a real bargain

  11. Imogen M says:

    If they are genuine mattel toys or lisenced by them, then yes. Othersise it’s just cheap junk.

  12. maame yaa says:

    I hope they are not for you?!

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