Understanding the Differences Between Area Rugs & Carpets

Despite what many people think, there is a vast difference between carpets and area rugs. At one time, the terms were interchangeable. That is not the case anymore.

Area rugs are large or small pieces of decorative material that aren’t fastened to the floor in anyway whereas carpets are always fastened to the floor with carpet nails and usually cover the entire floor in a single room. If you are trying to decide what you should choose, here is a simple list of the pros and cons of each that can help you make your decision.

If you are looking for a floor covering with more choices and varieties, then an area rug is what you are looking for. Area rugs come in several different sizes, thousands of different color, texture, design, and pattern combinations, and different levels of thickness. Area rugs are easy to transport from room to room in the event that you decide to change your décor. They are also simple enough to clean- just send them out to a specialized cleaning service.

Because of the decorative qualities and the specialty of the materials, area rugs can be a little more expensive than carpets. However, despite the price of area rugs, they are absolutely beautiful additions to any home or office. Area rugs have been known to be so treasured by families that they are passed down from generation to generation so that they are enjoyed for years and years.

Carpets are the tougher counterparts to area rugs. Carpets are durable and stain resistant. They can be fastened to the floor, are easy to clean and come in hundreds of different colors and patterns. Carpet comes in several different thicknesses. The thicker the carpet the more luxurious it feels under your feet. Carpets can come pretreated to fight stains and wear. Carpet can be bought in bulk from any area hardware store or carpet outlet.

The unfortunate side to carpet is that, carpet is harder to deep clean. If you really want to clean under your carpet, you are required to pull the carpet up off the floor and remove the padding underneath to get to the actual floor for cleaning. If your home floods, you’d better believe that your carpet will need to be replaced. This can be super expensive because, not only do you have to buy new carpet, you will have to have all the old carpet ripped up, the floors disinfected, and the new carpet put down. This isn’t something you can skimp on. Floods cause dangerous molds and mildews to grow under your carpet. Another downside to carpet is that, for one room, you can only have one color. Yes, there are carpets on the market that come in several different colors but these will tip the scales toward the more expensive side.

Now that you know the pros and cons of area rugs and carpet, you can make an educated decision about which one will fit your home and your lifestyle.

Source by Fran Sloan

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