Unemployment Back Pay Question?

I was laid off late november 2012 in which I immediately applied for unemployment.. It was suspended and I got an audit and didn’t get a call back until 2/13/13 they said a former employer had the wrong ss# so thats why i was missing wages.. now at that point i got a call and got my job back) now am entitled to back pay for the 3 months i was laid off? and if so how do i go about doing it? unemployment said the social securty number changes will take place tomorrow and i will get vouchers. i don’t want to collect unemployment i just need the back pay. any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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2 Responses to “Unemployment Back Pay Question?”

  1. A Hunch says:

    Yes, you should get the retroactive unemployment benefits.
    – you will complete them just like if you were doing it for those weeks.

  2. StephenW says:

    You are not entitled to call it “pay”.
    You are entitled to collect unemployment compensation for the time from when you applied until when you got a job, but only if you ask for it by its correct name, not “pay”.
    When you get the vouchers, you fill out the vouchers for the weeks that you were not working, and you send in those vouchers. You do not call the money “back pay”.

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