Unfair Bank Charges And Why The Customer Is Always Wrong And The Bank Apparently Can Do What It Likes.?

Charged £15 for non-payment of DD when sufficient funds were in my account at the time to pay this DD; apparently happened because bank duplicated a debit payment of which I was unaware and which does not show on statement even though I had an automated VISA voucher showing first transaction CANCELLED and only one debit made. Retailer told me not to worry as only charged once. None of this my fault but Nationwide doing their usual unhelpful and avoiding action and it was their Visa card which was used for the transaction.

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2 Responses to “Unfair Bank Charges And Why The Customer Is Always Wrong And The Bank Apparently Can Do What It Likes.?”

  1. Athene says:

    “bank duplicated a debit payment of which I was unaware”
    Get a mini-statement (or go online) so you can figure out whether it’s already been corrected or not. If not, then communicate with your bank so they can get the computer to re-crunch the numbers – if you have online banking then drop them a line this weekend (I usually find an emailed message is processed with less stress than phoning a call centre).
    Keep the message just incas it’s not sorted by say 2 weeks, in which case consider getting onto the banking ombudsmanhttp://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/

  2. Margaret S says:

    When you have a cancelled card transaction (void for any reason) the money is still tied up for 5 days. This is all clearly explained in the T&C for card users.
    There are 4 steps involved in using your card to pay for stuff.
    1 – you enter the details into the terminal
    2 – the terminal provider send out an ‘earmark this amount’ message to your bank
    3 – the bank says ‘okay’ so the money is immediately ‘earmarked’.
    4 – at some point in the following 5 days the shop or whatever claim or do not claim the money.
    Between steps 3 and 4 things can go wrong and you have a void transaction the money is still ‘earmarked’ even though the last step was not successful and only becomes available to you when it has not been claimed in the 5 day window.
    It is nothing to do with the bank (in your case Nationwide) because they do not operate the actual terminals which are managed by a ‘middle man’ as it were.
    The shop or business cannot do anything about it nor can the bank. You must always budget and allow for the fact your void transaction has tied up funds for 5 days.

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