United Airlines Cancelled My Flight To Phoenix Today For A Job Interview . Will I Get A Voucher?

I obviously am going to miss the job interview and i am out one night of hotel fee. I had them refund me for the trip, but they never offered me any compensation for my money lost, troubles and time. The flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons. Shouldn’t united do something for me, like flight vouchers?

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4 Responses to “United Airlines Cancelled My Flight To Phoenix Today For A Job Interview . Will I Get A Voucher?”

  1. Alex says:

    No, if you want to be covered for everything, get travel insurance.

  2. dourdan says:

    they will never volunteer to give you extras (such as hotel, etc) you will have to write letters up the chain of command and hope someone can help you.

  3. lildude2 says:

    Tell United Customer Care. They may give you a voucher, especially if the flight was cancelled for aircraft maintenance servicing, but you don’t know if you dont ask.
    You DID get a refund for the flight that didn’t happen.

  4. ThinkAbo says:

    I work for airport authority and this happens all of the time. What they’ll probably tell you is “aren’t you glad it was cancelled instead of dying on the way or having an E-landing?” You did not get traveler’s insurance so that was your first mistake. The next thing they are going to tell you is, shame on you for cutting it that close. People who plan ahead (usually in Feb. when it snows) travel a day or two before their meeting or when their cruise leaves exactly for this reason. You could have, but you went the cheap way and cut it close. Usually you are offered flights within 24 hours or may have to do a connection somewhere else to get to your destination.

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