Unknown Column ‘slist.id’ In ‘on Clause’?

i run this query
SELECT pur_master.po_no, rate.currency_name,
(SELECT (SUM(slist.cost)-(SUM(slist.cost)*pur_ma… + (SUM(slist.cost) – (SUM(slist.cost)*pur_master.discount/100… pur_master.discount/100)+ (SUM(slist.cost) – (SUM(slist.cost)*pur_master.discount/100… * pur_master.gst/100)+ (SUM(slist.cost) – (SUM(slist.cost)*pur_master.discount/100… * pur_master.tax/100)
FROM slist
WHERE slist.id=pur_master.pid ) AS order_amount,
pur_master.date_order,pur_master.ord_s… pur_master.date_exp_del, pur_master.delivery_status,pur_master.di…
(SELECT purchase_auth.auth_date
FROM purchase_auth WHERE purchase_auth.po_no = pur_master.po_no ORDER BY po_auth_id DESC LIMIT 1)
FROM pur_master
LEFT OUTER JOIN rate ON rate.curid = pur_master.curcode
LEFT JOIN pur_master AS m ON slist.id=m.pid
WHERE pur_master.pid!=”
and it come out with this error Unknown column ‘slist.id’ in ‘on clause’..can anyone help me

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