Upgrading My Computer, Any Problems?

I bought this computer a year ago:
I am now upgrading to a gtx 680:
And, a new corsair psu:
Does anyone see any problems with this upgrade, such as space, connections, overheating etc.

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One Response to “Upgrading My Computer, Any Problems?”

  1. Jamie says:

    The case may be too small but you can check with a tape measure and see whether a 40cm long by 25cm wide Graphics card will fit. The motherboard only has a PCI-e 1.0 x16 port meaning that you are getting 1/8th of the bandwidth which the 680 wants, it will not be bottle necked by a PCI 2.0 port(1/2 bandwidth) though. So you will need a new motherboard with a uATX form factor and a 1155 socket this also means that you need to transfer your CPU and RAM and unplug everything. You may want to shove an extra fan in your case so you don’t damage your GPU and it allows you to overclock.
    PSU is good
    Graphics Card is amazing! (although the GTX 780 (an underclocked Titan) has been released)

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