Ups Delivery Fee Requested?

I recently ordered some PC components that were on a sale from a retailer in Canada, to be shipped to me in the UK. Upon payment, I paid what I believed to be the entire shipping fee of a little over 54 Canadian Dollars. Nowhere, not on the retailer’s site or the UPS tracking site (which I was informed of by the retailer upon purchase) did it mention any additional fees – so I didn’t expect any.
Upon the delivery man arriving at the front door today, I was asked to pay a fee of £56.20 or so in order to recieve my goods, as they had come from Canada. After explaining that I didn’t expect a fee to have to be paid on the door and as a consequence had no money to hand, he said that it would be re-delivered the next day.
Is the £56 he requested a standard thing from UPS or something? I’ve never really purchased from overseas previously and as a result assumed that all shipping would be covered in the 54 Canadian Dollars which I paid to the retailer for shipping & handling when paying for my items. It’s not ideal but I would pay it should I have to.

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2 Responses to “Ups Delivery Fee Requested?”

  1. Rajief says:

    No they are stupid

  2. sunnys best friend says:

    Is it a customs fee? I know these are sometimes asked for on delivery.

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