Use By date on Nicoise Salad?

I bought a Nicoise Salad in Marks & Spencer for tomorrow without checking the date, it says use by 14/10/13 which is today. Is it safe to eat if it’s been kept properly refrigerated?

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4 Responses to “Use By date on Nicoise Salad?”

  1. Chetak. says:

    As long as it is well wrapped it will probably last several days longer, if stored in the fridge

  2. fleefly says:

    Yes – I have used things a few days after but salads do go all limp and horrible if left too long so use it tomorrow for sure.

  3. riversconfluence says:

    Discussions about food safety and expiration dates hav been all over the news lately. The solution for out of date packages they say is to use your nose and your eyes. If it looks spoiled, or smells spoiled, do not eat it.
    Salad already cut up can stay fresh for a couple days, and depending on the ingredients, might wilt, or make the ingredients soggy.
    It should be OK tomorrow, as long as you got it into the refrigerator as soon as you could after purchase, and kept it there.

  4. forte88eng says:

    your salad will be good to eat tomorrow.

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