Uses For a Round Rug

A round rug is a functional and decorative element. Rugs keep heavy traffic areas from becoming worn. They protect the floor and add an extra element to a home’s decor. Certain rugs are appropriate for certain situations in a home. A round rug would be ideal in an open space, or it would work well in a transitional space where paths of motion intersect.

Each rug should respond to the energy of the home. Sometimes a rug can bring a balance of light and dark colors in a house. Such a balance in color brings stability to the home’s energy. This is a principle used in Feng Shui, or the art of placement. Feng Shui is in essence, acting on a feeling about the house. It is a way to make your house suitable to the way in which you would like to live.

A round rug might work well under a circular table. Round rugs are suitable under round dining tables and environments where a circular path of motion occurs in a room. If a room is stagnant and doesn’t seem to flow or have a fluid energy, a colorful, circular rug would be ideal to bring a needed curve to a static space. Curves in certain rigid environments help to move the energy throughout the a room. A curved rug can also be placed partially underneath a furniture item for a visual purpose in order to create a partial circle. Sometimes an element of color and a curve can bring life into a room with stagnant energy.

Source by Michelle Torres

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