Using A Car Cover Overnight?

I’ve read countless articles online about how putting a car cover on a car for an extended period of time can actually cause some problems such as rust, humidity, etc.
Both my neighbors have cats that for some reason love my car and scratch the paint on the hood and top of the car at night. I’ve already tried all the cat repellents that are for sale, pepper flakes, etc, and some suggestions that I found online but nothing helped.
My question is, will it cause any damage having a car cover on at night only? I will put the cover on and take it off every day if necessary as long as it won’t damage anything.

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One Response to “Using A Car Cover Overnight?”

  1. who cares says:

    it will be perfectly fine. I had the same problem with neighbors cat. was going to pull out the bb gun, but a hard slap to the head and it flying across the yard and it learned it’s lesson.

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