Using An In-car Camera?

After reading something in my local paper about the rise in numbers of people who have in-car cameras to protect their insurance and protect against cash for crash scams i am considering getting one. The article I read mentioned that a court case is happening in March as someone had given their video evidence of dangerous driving to this company who had secured a prosecution via the police, so video evidence obviously can lead to prosecution.
Does anyone have a camera, is the quality good, I dont want to spend a fortune, I have a discount code mentioned for the company who secured the prosecution but they seem to have limited cameras. Any advice appreciated. thank you.

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3 Responses to “Using An In-car Camera?”

  1. You may be right says:

    I think you have to spend a fortune, because it’s not just a camera, it has to record that somewhere too, either on a car computer or wifi to a server somewhere, so it’s going to cost money.
    I don’t have one but it would be nice if I could afford it.

  2. Nigma says:

    Yesterday I ordered one on ebay for under $20 USD.
    It’s a very basic camera and plugs into the cigarette lighter. You mount it the same way you would a gps or cell phone. As soon as the engine switches on it starts recording. After 15 minutes it rerecords over the beginning. If something happened then you would manually stop it and pull out the SD card to use as evidence. You would then have 15 minutes recorded. When you switch the engine off it stops recording.
    This is my understanding of how it works and I think 20 bucks is really cheap. Let’s hope it works when it gets here.

  3. who_is_j says:

    Don’t get a cheap one as you get what you pay for, they are low quality. I use a Akenori camera Full HD camera with a 32Gb card in, the wife uses a Blackvue DR380HD and both get us discounts on insurance and both are very clear.
    I used to have a DOD550GS but use that as a CCTV camera now and that has already paid for itself. All the ones mentioned are around the £200 mark and all have GPS logging and are so good quality you can read the number plates of cars passing each other at 70mph. Well worth the money IMO.

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