Using someone elses tesco clubcard vouchers?

The named person on the clubcard vouchers has given me the vouchers, he is no longer in the country, so can i use them, say at a self service till.

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2 Responses to “Using someone elses tesco clubcard vouchers?”

  1. Jane Young says:

    at a cashier till, you should be refused, unless the person also gave you their clubcard. At a self scan till, you should be ok, unless they are high value vouchersand the operator comes over to authorise your transaction and checks the card against the vouchers. Chances of this are slim though, they have other things to worry about!

  2. Hat-A-Tat-Tat says:

    yes you can….i give my daughter my vouchers so she can use them for Petrol…so you shouldn’t have a problem – the cashier doesn’t know who you are anyway.

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