Using tesco vouchers?!?

Please help! I have looked on the tesco website and it says that you can use vouchers against tickets for theme parks. It says that you can exchange £5 of tesco vouchers for £20 worth of tickets. But what i need to know and what i cant seem to work out is that a ticket entry price is £22 so can i use the £20 off voucher and pay the excess £22 or can i only go to theme parks of ticket entry price £20 and under because flamingoland is on there?! Also i am going next monday so do they come throught the post? Or if not what happens? Or if so would tey be here by then?

As you can see i am really confused!

Thanks .x.

.p.s. Just say if i havent made myself clear enough and i am confusing people ( as well as me hehe ). Thank you .x.

.p.p.s. I know my question is in the complete wrong section/genre whatever but i have no idea where to put it?

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One Response to “Using tesco vouchers?!?”

  1. Ari Mikkola says:

    Cash them in on line at
    Click on, " 2 Days Out"
    Click on the Park you want to go to
    Click on "more"
    On the right of the screen amend your basket to put £5.00 of vouchers in there.
    Then go to the check out.
    You’ll need to log in as a customer, so if you are not already a customer you’ll need to register.
    Then during check out you’ll be asked to enter the numbers of your clubcard vouchers.
    Once complete you should receive your £20.00 voucher thro’ the post. (usually within two working days)
    Go to the park give then your Tesco’s £20.00 and £2.00 cash and you’re in.
    Enjoy your day out

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